Welcome to Euro Brokers

Euro Brokers, through various affiliates around the globe, acts as a domestic and international inter-dealer broker of a variety of products. In this business, Euro Brokers functions primarily as an intermediary, matching up the trading needs of its institutional client base, which is primarily comprised of well-capitalized banks, dealers, investment banks and other financial institutions.

Euro Brokers’ inter-dealer brokerage businesses generally fall into the brokerage of three broad groups of products: (i) money market products, (ii) derivative products and (iii) securities products. Within these three groups, Euro Brokers specializes in the inter-dealer brokerage of the following:

  • Money market products: cash deposits and other money market instruments
  • Derivative products: interest rate and credit derivatives
  • Securities products: emerging market debt and related products, various other fixed income securities (including convertible bonds, U.S. Treasury securities and federal agency bonds) and U.S. Treasury, federal agency and mortgage-backed repurchase agreements

Euro Brokers provides its services through an international network of brokers who service direct phone lines to most clients and through proprietary screen systems and other delivery systems that provide clients with real-time pricing information in products.

Euro Brokers traces its operational roots back to 1970. Maxcor acquired Euro Brokers in 1996. Entities conducting the business of Euro Brokers include Euro Brokers Inc., Euro Brokers Ltd., the Euro Brokers division of Maxcor Financial Inc., Euro Brokers Mexico, Euro Brokers Switzerland and Nittan Euro.