Information Services

Euro Brokers offers its clients a variety of information systems which, among other things, support the display of real-time data, enable users to access trade details electronically, assist brokers in the pricing of sophisticated and exotic financial products and provide valuable analytics for select products. These information systems, which are listed and more fully described below, are offered to Euro Brokers clients at no charge.

Euro Brokers Screen System

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VCSC is a Windows application that supports the display of Euro Brokers Screen System real-time data. Registered users can access permissioned pages without leased lines or any special hardware.

Straight Through Processing

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Euro Brokers Straight Through Processing systems enable trading clients to access trade details electronically shortly after their trade is executed. By using STP, clients can now update front office position-keeping and back-office settlement systems without writing paper tickets.

Options Internet Price Distribution System

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Euro Brokers options desk is capable of pricing caps, floors, swaptions and inflation swaps in all major currencies. We are also one of the few brokers capable of pricing Exotic Options such as Auto caps, Barrier Caps, Bermudans, Digitals, Embedded Swaptions, Quanto Swaps, Spreads Euro Brokers’ clients are the interbank community based throughout the entire European network and these are further supported by extensive option desks in New York and Tokyo. As part of our commitment to the transparency of the markets, we provide extensive screen based volatility.

Emerging Markets Group – Analytics website

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View open, high, low, close, and volumes for select Euro and Brady Bonds. View Sovereign Debt Option closing prices, as well as Sovereign Debt Bond information.

Credit Default Swap Trader Client

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The CDS program is a Windows application that allows registered users to trade Credit Default Swap assets.

Other Downloads

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Other Downloads

In order to download or launch, as applicable, a Euro Brokers information system, simply click on the appropriate link and follow the instructions. By downloading software or launching a web application from the Maxcor web site, you agree to the terms of our End-User License Agreement. Please read it before downloading or launching any Euro Brokers information system.