September 11th Information Center

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This is the official Maxcor and Euro Brokers web site for information about the disaster at the World Trade Center.

Our address and phone numbers are:

One Seaport Plaza
New York, NY 10038

+1-646-346-7217 — for benefits information and assistance
+1-646-346-7208 — for making donations to the Euro Brokers Relief Fund
+1-646-346-7000 — general office number

In the UK, our number for all purposes remains +44-207-204-3000.

The following are some contacts, numbers and websites that may be useful:

  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) at +1-800-525-0321. TTY at +1-800-462-7585. See, also
  • New York City, see
  • New York State Crime Victims Board at +1-800-247-8035
  • Red Cross at +1-212-219-6200 or +1-877-746-4987